We help organizations work better – more adaptable, more competitive, more sustainable – to create value for everyone involved faster than otherwise.

If one thing distinguishes organization this century from the last it’s that we can acknowledge the natural complexity of the world and work with it to competitive advantage.

Are you ready to compete in rude chaos? Ahead of your competition?

An improved organizational fabric is needed to act coherently and with agility in this environment. A fabric that blends the deliberate and the emergent, and that supports the delivery of such easy-to-say-hard-to-achieve goals as employee empowerment and engagement, great culture, and profitable collaboration and innovation. A fabric that makes the organization permeable to the markets in which it operates to better sense, learn and respond.

In his book The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge points out that organizations learn only through individuals who learn. And we contend such individual learning requires the context and the insight of those around you to help translate data into relevant and actionable information, to achieve individual and organizational flow, all in pursuit of sustainable and valuable competitive advantage.

triad – organizing - digital - people

This simple triangle diagram presents our product groups. We may decide together to make progress on one, two or all three vertices depending on analysis of your circumstances today.

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