Social business and biology

It appears the label Digital Transformation is currently preferred to Social Business. And we all know why – the execution when social business was common parlance underwhelmed.

Too many initiatives required people adapt to the tech rather than have the tech play to what makes your people tick. Too many enterprise social networks become ghost towns. Conversely, too many work chat instances become ‘time sucks’.

Regardless of your preferred label, nothing suggests we can’t learn from past failures or near-misses, but knowing where to play, how to win, and how to work, must come first.

As your organization is unique the answers we distil together will be unique. Digital possibilities will inform your deliberations and your strategy will direct the technologies.

We defined social business back in 2013 with a question:

Do you help all the individuals associated with your organisation (employees, customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders, etc.) build richer, more productive relationships with each other and others, coalescing by need and desire, knowledge and capability and shared values, to create shared value?

The question remains valid. Paramount in fact. And in seeking to answer it, we find many of our analogies are biological in nature.

We’re biological creatures at one level, and social creatures at another level, a higher level. People have an innate affinity for the layer that’s higher up in the stack if you like because that’s where we live, that’s where identity and relationships and empathy breathe. We’re biological creatures, for sure, but we live, think and behave social. We feel it. We’re social creatures and we’re striving for social business.

So, just as it is for humans, we can think of business as biological at one level and social at another. See The Six Influence Flows.