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Working together

Thanks for thinking about joining the Euler team. We maintain a list of the skills most needed by our clients and prospects on this webpage, so please do get in touch now if these match your experience and know-how. Email

While we have no rigid template for getting new people on board, it’s worth repeating here a section from our Euler sense Spring 2016 publication on Responsive Organization:

In recruitment, might HR learn from agile’s success with concurrent testing? Rather than simply tweak the linear process that is résumé admin, tick-box short-listing and interviewing, why not work out if you want to work together by working together?

Today’s ubiquitous communication and collaboration technologies mean candidates can and will find a few hours a week over several months to work on something with you, especially if they are remunerated appropriately irrespective of a longer-term association.

Everyone in the Euler team today worked together before we worked together, if you know what we mean. We just got on with the job at hand. So you never know, we might be working together in mere hours.

Skills in demand

We’re looking to grow our team with people with the following skills and experience:


  • Cultural analysis and change
  • Fluency in network working eg, sociocracy, cellular organization
  • Social business
  • Change management
  • Business performance management


  • Digital transformation
  • Data science
  • Systems architecture
  • Digital ethics


  • Helping others develop leadership skills
  • Coaching, training and development skills