Digital Transformation

What, exactly, does digital transformation mean?

There are many varied answers on offer, but we can at least guess at why the prospect is touted by almost every management consulting firm – what self-respecting leader can claim nonchalance with respect to either digital or transformation, let alone the two in combination?

Digital transformation is presented as a no-brainer. It’s the one thing separating winner from loser. It’s the 21st Century management panacea, the cure-all, the magic dust that remakes any old rusty operation into a shiny candidate for the Forbes front cover.

To be clear, Euler Partners doesn’t help digitalize business as normal. We don’t offer up clickbait such as “X steps to digital heaven”. And we don’t do cut-and-paste templates.

Meaningful transformation is not business as normal. It is unprecedented, tailored, and dynamic.

We work with organizations that recognize digital’s role in the complex mix. People who don’t confuse digital’s radical potential for some magic potion. Leaders who appreciate that digital’s transformational potential demands transformation in other respects too.

While we’re on the topic of our convictions, here are some others you might want to know about:

  • Distinctions between the digital and the analogue are now blurred if not dissolved
  • Exploring, experimenting with, applying and learning from digital’s emergent qualities must be routine
  • Digital must always work to expand horizons, creating new opportunities to encourage mutual understanding
  • Your organization exists for people not for tech – digital innovation must be aligned continually with your values.

Digital transformation demands Data Liberation.