Data Liberation

During the latter part of the 20th Century, leading manufacturers transitioned from pushing production through the factory to the warehouse, to pulling production through to meet market demand. The emphasis moved from stocks to flows, and this history is instructive for our working with data today.

Our relatively recent facility to harvest previously unimaginable quantities of data – the word big doesn’t really do it justice – invokes ideas of stocks. Compounded by phrases such as data warehousing. The term data lake conjures up a relatively static body even if there are flows in and out, and it’s not for nothing that one pundit interviewed by PwC describes some such initiatives as data graveyards. Just about as static as you can get!

It is then time to make the data supply chain real. Instead of having deliberate strategy push services onto the business, we need to help the data flow with the emerging needs of the business by allowing it to express and expose itself, guided by the right (ie, not necessarily techie) people in the organization.

Importantly, this process doesn’t entail some massive, long-term overhaul. We believe in agile, iterative development with fast results that fuel enthusiasm and further progress. Start now with our Data Lab.

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Euler Partners is proud to partner Braintribe, recognised by Gartner as an innovative data architecture vendor – a Cool Vendor 2015.

We have identified Braintribe’s Tribefire as a flexible, scalable and above all usable platform for digital transformation. Specifically, it brings your data together and allows it to be modeled in order that we can get it flowing. It’s fully supportive of Gartner’s bimodal concept.

Critically, Tribefire is provided as a service, meaning you can start to realise its power at low cost.

We haven’t seen anything quite like it. In our opinion Tribefire takes what works well today and fixes what’s broken. Without getting down deep into the mathematics, a good part of its smarts lies in the unique application of Gödel’s number theory in its development environment.

It’s model driven, guaranteeing type-safe relationships between the formal terms. Gödelization facilitates the modeling of both the operands and operations, effectively normalizing the entire system and enabling the description and implementation of all variety of reflective operations (JVM runtime behavior modifications).

The result, we believe, is unrivalled power of expression and control.

If you’re a developer or IT architect, you’ll recognise some aspects in common with model driven architecture and object-oriented programming, with a dash of aspect-oriented programming and more than a sprinkling of expert systems concepts.

Tribefire is accessible to and usable by everyone from Day 1, helping them pursue their goals directly and freeing up the tech team to work on more interesting stuff. Users can easily discover pre-existing structures to construct new meaningful applications. These are converted to models automatically, models that then expose Java and RESTful APIs automatically.

It should feel nothing short of liberating.

Stefan Ebner, Founder and CEO, Braintribe:

Braintribe provides the platform for your digital transformation, and Euler Partners helps your people organize better with our platform. Few people understand the deep and broad vista here, and we’re delighted to call Euler Partners our partners.