Data Lab

The objective

All organizations transition from not having the data, to having what they think is the right data, to not knowing what data they have or indeed how to get the right people the right access to it. As we describe in terms of Data Liberation, you may have fabulous data stocks but too little data flow.

If you approach data as some monolithic phenomenon, it will remain stubbornly monolithic. Indivisible. Impenetrable. Intimidating.

Our Data Lab approach is designed to explore your data, to engage with it, to enliven it and your team. Dare we say that some even describe it as fun.

Our partnership with Braintribe enables us to get results in days not months and, just as strikingly, our process fully engages your non-techie team members as much as those more used to working with data. With rapid data modelling that immediately and automatically exposes APIs, we’ll soon be working with information not mere data.

Given the value we’ll be unlocking together, this really is a relatively low cost investment.

The experience


inspireWe explore new ways to consider and work with data. The way your data is structured and distributed today is a result of historic requirements, legacy technologies, and happenstance, and yet its structure now colours your organization’s regard for it. The Inspire stage introduces case studies and demos to help throw a new light on your situation and your opportunities.


discoverWith our agile mindset, we’re more inclined towards doing and learning and iterating than just thinking about things. So let’s discover something to do together. What’s causing pain? In your mind, what comes after the words “If only …”. We’ll work with you to model a rapid response to such questions.


mvpThe minimum viable product (MVP) will live up to its name – having just sufficient capability to stimulate validated learning, and providing a compelling point of communication that’s only about one hundred times better than a Powerpoint. We can provide real interaction with real or simulated data.


prototypeThe prototype is the half-way house between MVP and full production. Operating in a test environment with full data integration and virtualization, and more advanced user interface, the prototype excites your team to get this into production asap.


productionIn waterfall environments, we might stand back now and give you a call in a few weeks to see how it’s going. But taking the prototype to production is typically a fertile period, ripe with ideas and connections and consequences and opportunities for the next inspiration, discovery and MVP phase.