Concepts / Conversation

With the explosion of digital technologies and services it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the mind is not available over USB-C, Thunderbolt or Wi-Fi and that conversation remains the primary means for information exchange between people in relationships, fundamental to human identity.

Instant messaging is just stilted conversation. Movies are polished stories. Virtual realities just help us talk ‘as if we’re in the same room’.

As William Isaacs notes, dialogue is the art of thinking together.

How might conversation be most useful? It’s a question many seek to answer.

Nonviolent / Compassionate Communication aims to create empathy and understanding of each parties’ needs. The World Café structures conversation to facilitate participative knowledge sharing and learning. Conversation Theory is a methodical cybernetic framework explaining how conversation leads to the construction of knowledge, which we commonly refer to as knowing. Bohmian Dialogue is more a way-of-being to help unfold the flow of meaning.


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