Christina Bowen

Christina is a ground-breaking knowledge ecologist, tracing the transformation of information to knowledge in human systems. This focus on the relationship of information to meaning helps increase the speed at which organizations adapt to change.  Christina helps organisations to bring out an understanding of their goals and operations and offers insights into ways to improve and document knowledge flows, supporting better individual, cooperative and organizational learning.  She enjoys connecting innovative leaders across many fields and helping people learn and apply effective responses to today’s challenges to profit, people and place.

A collaborative and rigorous researcher, Christina uses her experience in ecological networks, land-use planning (human ecology) and organizational strategic planning to illuminate the context – the knowledge ecosystem – of a given problem or endeavour. Working with the people of that ecosystem, she helps translate big-picture systems thinking into actionable nuts and bolts using critical thinking, skillful dialogue and functional design.

An avid learner, Christina studied biochemistry and environmental science at Reed College and Western Washington University’s Huxley College, has practiced Aikido for over 15 years, and tamed a wild horse. She is the co-founder of Innovation Ecology, a recommended Kumu mapper, absurdly proud to be part of the imaginative team at the Human Interface Project, and an early and active member of Responsive Org.