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Stowe Boyd talks about making social business happen with Philip Sheldrake

According to his profile at Gigaom Research, “Stowe describes himself as a web anthropologist, futurist, and analyst. His focus is the future of work, and the tectonic forces pushing business into an unclear and accelerating future.”

Stowe publishes an IBM sponsored series of interviews he calls Socialogy. The latest is with our Philip Sheldrake, available on Stowe’s website and reproduced here in full for your convenience.

Stowe Boyd: In a recent post (see Our goal is to become a social business but how do we get the revolution started?) you back away from a contact’s question about needing a revolution to get his company to become more social. First, you looked at the conclusion that the answer to his business’ circumstance was to become social, and instead suggested an examination of shared values. But aren’t many businesses considering a digital/social transformation in the pursuit of another round of productivity, rather than soul searching about meaning and purpose?

Philip Sheldrake: My first point emphasizes that social business is a means not an ends of itself. A delightful means. A rewarding means. A welcome means. But a means nonetheless. You may well argue that the corresponding values and principles could represent an endgame for how you’d like society to be, but from the perspective of the business man I was talking to, and indeed all of my clients, the success of that business is foremost in his mind.

And what a loaded word that is – success. It seems, particularly in the light of recent calamitous events, that more than a few people are searching for a post-capitalist reality, one that at least recognizes and attempts to make up for some of the serious flaws in free-wheeling market economies. Articulating what success looks like exactly in terms of a country or an organization or other community has exercised greater minds than mine, but I simply talk to creating value for all stakeholders faster than otherwise, and value in its fullest meaning. In words a card-carrying capitalist might recognize, we’re talking about shareholders benefiting greatly because other stakeholders benefit greatly too; a win-win rather than a win-lose.

Philip Sheldrake

What is social business?

3M Think Tank

3M invited our Philip Sheldrake to provide the closing keynote at its recent ThinkTANK conference in Minneapolis St. Paul on the topic of social business.

As you may know, Euler Partners’ vision for social business extends a little beyond the prefixing of the word “social” to the departments and functions of the 20th Century organisation. We won’t say any more in this post, but leave you with the video of the half hour presentation, and the slidestack itself. We hope you like it.

Philip Sheldrake, Euler Partners, 3M ThinkTANK conference, Minneapolis St. Paul, 26th September 2013

Social Business slidestack, 3M ThinkTANK conference, Minneapolis St. Paul, 26th September 2013