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Attenzi - a social business storyOur social business fiction, Attenzi – a social business story, has gently made its way to a small and select audience across nearly every continent (no news yet from Antartica). It’s been used, as we hoped, to help educate, energise and focus teams in large organizations, assisted by the fact that it’s open and free to share in all digital formats.

And we hope now that it might go even further as the 2nd edition is published today in association with Social Media Today in advance of The Social Shake-up conference in Atlanta this week. Robin Carey, Founder and CEO of Social Media Today, has written a new foreword to join the one by Adam Pisoni, co-founder and CTO, Microsoft Yammer.

We’re at the conference, and we hope we have the opportunity to meet if you are too. In the meantime, head over to We hope you enjoy the read.

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