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Philip Sheldrake and Jay O’Connor.

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Philip Sheldrake

Philip Sheldrake

DWeb | Web3 | Systems thinking | Sociotechnology | Generative identity | Unnamed Labs | Open Farming

Sociotechnologist, professional engineer, researcher and consultant dedicated to the ethical, equitable and open application of decentralized technologies in complex systems.

Engaged in the design and development of the decentralized web (dweb) since 2014, including web3, underpinned by experience in digital innovation, process engineering, systems thinking and organisational design.

Expertise in the digitalization of identity, privacy by design, and the design and governance of decentralized social networking (dsocial) and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).

Interested in systems that attract the attention of communities such as Ethereum, the Web3 Foundation, Holochain, DWeb Camp, the Bateson Institute, The Stockholm Resilience Centre, Kernel, RadicalxChange, Next Nature Network, and the Liminal Web.

Long-standing collaborator and participant in all things internet and web: chair of events featuring Vint Cerf and Sir Tim Berners-Lee; co-founder of a decentralized cooperative; convener of the UK’s first IoT conference; co-founder of one of the first open data projects in the UK; official champion of IPv6; advisor to Mozilla on the European launch of Firefox; CEO of pioneering P2P payments service in the UK; author of ‘The Business of Influence’ (2011) published by Wiley.

Jay O'Connor

Jay O’Connor

Stakeholder Governance and Engagement | Change Management | Corporate Planning and Communications

Member of the International Advisory Board of the Open University’s Faculty of Business and Law, the Institute of Directors (IoD) Centre for Corporate Governance Working Group on Stakeholder Governance, and the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI). Co-author of From Intention to Action, a discussion paper on what makes boards effective in how they govern in the interests of stakeholders (IoD).

Part-time doctoral researcher at UCL’s School of Public Policy and Department of Political Science on modern state governance and democratic accountability.

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