Philip Sheldrake

Philip is a technologist, Chartered Engineer, and Web Science researcher. His experience and expertise span digital innovation and analysis, process engineering, organisational design, marketing and communications.

He consults to the AKASHA Foundation, created at the intersection of blockchain and collective intelligence to nurture open systems that help individuals unlock their potential. He architected the hi:project to support the development of a more human-centric web, receiving the endorsement of the Web Science Trust. He's also a co-founder of the Digital Life Collective, a global cooperative that researches, develops, and supports technologies that prioritize autonomy and privacy, and founder of Open Farming, an embryonic platform cooperative.

Philip has combined his industrial engineering experience at Mars and at Perkins (Caterpillar), his information technology expertise, and his knowledge of public relations best practice to develop the Influence Scorecard, a framework for social business introduced in his book, The Business of Influence: Reframing Marketing and PR for the Digital Age (Wiley, 2011, reprinted 2012). A follow-up ebook, Attenzi - a social business story, was published in association with Social Media Today.

He was formerly a board director of techUK, which represents the UK technology industry, and a Director of 6UK, which promoted the use of IPv6-based communications. He was relatively early to Open Data by 'liberating' UK flood data back in 2007, an event that attracted discussion in both houses of the UK Parliament. As technology analyst, he co-founded, built and sold an award winning tech communications consultancy with clients such as Mozilla, Fujitsu, AOL, ARM, Sony, Nominet, the RIPE NCC, and Cook Medical.

He's an experienced speaker and chair, and has chaired events featuring Vint Cerf (a ‘father of the Internet’) and Sir Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web). He developed the UK's first Internet of Things conference in 2010 with support from Intel, Qualcomm, and the Consumer Electronics Association.